Intro to Your Blog Post – Here Are the Ideas That Will Make It Simply Irresistible

Do you know what is the biggest challenge that bloggers face today? No, it is not lack of ideas. With over 5 million blogs posted every day only in WordPress alone, you can very well decipher that ideas are literally floating in the air, ready to be grabbed and put into words. However, the real […]


How to Write Social Media Optimized Content or SMO Viral Content?

When it comes to content writing, we often stick to the old school strategies of giving preference to search engine optimization in our content, no matter how outdated they have become. We remain concerned about keywords, KW density, its variations of long trail and shorter ones, keyword positioning etc. and finally end up creating almost a crap. Learn how to make your content Social Media optimized which is not based on any algorithm but a tool to make your content promotable.


Social Media – How Uncontrolled Use Can Ruin Your Freelancing Career

The greatest threat from social media is addiction. there are plenty of writers who spend unnecessary time checking mails, posting updates and even photos. They get so addicted to Twitter and FB that they start spending the major chunk of their time on these sites. They take frequent breaks to check FB and this hampers their concentration and even they run the risk of missing deadlines.


Make Your Editor Fall in Love with You

How would you describe the perfect world of a freelance writer? A world where he is constantly chased by top notch editors for work. Yes, a freelancer wants to be the blue-eyed boy of his editor who will pamper him and assign him every meaty project that comes his way. However, the real world is far from being idyllic and there are rejection letters and cancellation of projects to make life miserable. Is keeping your editor happy too difficult? Not at all. Keep reading to know How?

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What a Freelance Writer Needs to Do to Become Successful?

Dreaming to become a freelance writer is one thing, while getting on the field and looking for work is another. As a freelancer you need to save yourself from all these pitfalls and give your career the right start so that you realize your dreams faster. I have a small gift for all the aspiring writers that will make their task easy. The eBook, “How to launch a successful freelance writing career?” will help all the writers to get into the right track and have a superb start.

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Yes, You Can Earn Six Figures Income by Freelance Writing

Do you wonder how a few freelance writers boast about going on exotic holidays and enjoying all the good things that life can offer while others are left to struggle to pay their daily bills? How come a select few grab most of the lucrative projects and end up getting paid ludicrously that you can only dream of? Listen! You do not have to run after clients but have to make them take notice of you. You can be one of those celebrated writers who find lucrative projects pouring into their mailboxes. You can earn in six figures and go for Caribbean cruises twice a year! Read more to know HOW?


How Freelance Writers Can Ensure That They Get Paid

Ask freelance writers what they dread most and you will get only one answer. Non-paying clients! Every writer has at least faced this problem once in their writing career. Working hard on a project and then getting not paid is a nightmare that every writer wants to save himself from. as a freelancer you should protect yourself from getting exploited and get paid for your hard work. Here are few ideas that will help you against getting cheated.


Lacking Motivation to Write? Tips for Freelance Writers to Get Back on Track

Being a Freelance writer with no Boss over you to monitor, are you lacking motivation to write. This happens to me so many times that I have started considering it like a seasonal flu. I get this symptom quite frequently and consider it something that only happens to me. However, when a friend of mine grumbled over phone about how he is unable to motivate himself to complete a project and submit it within deadline, I realized that I was not alone. This came somewhat as a relief also. As I shared my tips with my friend to keep him motivated, I thought I will do the same for you also.

How to deal with a dissatisfied client

How to Deal with a Dissatisfied Client

There are dissatisfied clients just about everywhere. They are dissatisfied for the smallest reasons, for reasons best known to them. Maybe he’s right, maybe wrong, but if he’s unhappy with your work, it means you have to try harder or look for another client. However, if you feel you must retain him, there are ways of stitching the situation back together. All you need is some tact, patience and time. Here are a few winning ways to resolve the problem:


Importance of Personal Branding in Freelance Writing Career – Your Own Quest for Growth

Being a freelancer you are a big “Cheese” when it comes to the business. You are a head honcho, to make it in a simple term your brand is “YOU”. How you do business defines how successful you are. One of the best ways to position yourself efficaciously is through “PERSONAL BRANDING”. In today’s competitive market, personal branding is extremely critical for you, so that people can easily recognize you through your work. With personal branding you will be able to create your own separate market from the rest of the bunch. So, now you know the significance of personal branding and you are eager to start but how?